Medically supervised weight loss

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes PBMD Weight Loss program effective?


PBMD Weight Loss program is devised and implemented by board certified physicians, who monitor your progress and adjust the program based on your health profile and laboratory analysis.

What makes PBMD Weight Loss program different from other weight loss programs?


The goal of medical weight loss is to make the brain happy with less calories. PBMD Weight Loss uses a low dose combination of medications that decrease your appetite and make you feel full. There are eight  medications currently available that have been proven to work with weight loss.  The reason PBMD Weight Loss get results far exceeding  those seen at other weight loss centers is that we tailor the program to  each individual patient.

Once you achieve your weigh goal, we taper the medications to the lowest effective dose.  Some patients are able to control their weight without medications, however there is a  quarterly follow up program for those who continue to need some medical  assistance.

What does the treatment consist of?


Several medications are used in the PBMD Weight Loss program, along with a healthy diet, exercise and nutritional supplements.   The  medications work together to control appetite. Taking multi-vitamins and  supplements during the weight loss program is extremely important and  helps maintain a healthy nutritional balance.

Additional instructions and information, on how to take the medications, how to avoid side effects, diet and exercise instructions, and which vitamins and supplements to take will be given to you at your first visit at PBMD  Weight Loss.

Are there side effects?


Most of the side effects are dose related and are not serious. Some side  effects can be lessened by starting at low doses and gradually  increasing the dose.

What weight loss should be expected?


The results vary based on each individuals metabolic profile, initial  weight and other factors.  Study results show an average body weight  loss over a 3 month time period to be 13.36 %,  with average body fat  loss of 25.54% over the same 3 month period.  Over a 6 month time  period, the average body weight loss was 18.98% and average body fat  loss was 36.68%

Will I regain the weight?


If you follow the plan, you will not gain the weight back!

Will I be hungry?


PBMD Weight Loss program is safe and effective in controlling appetite  and suppressing cravings.  This means that almost anyone can go on a low  -calorie and healthy diet without any struggle and lose weight  while  hardly feeling hungry all day!

What is the duration of the program?


Your follow-up visits at PBMD weigh Loss are usually every 4 weeks until  you meet your goal, then you go onto our maintenance phase.  During the  maintenance phase your appointments are generally quarterly.

What can I expect at the first visit?


Your provider will do a health history with you consisting of family  history and any health issues you may have.  Your blood pressure and  weight will be checked. You will then get an explanation of the program,  go over some diet suggestions and set your goals. A prescription  will  be given to you at each appointment to take to your pharmacy and you may  start the program right away.

What if I live out of the area?


If you live near the Central Coast of California, you can schedule your appointment at our San Luis Obispo office. 805-528-0650.

Can my weight issues be related to hormones?


Dr. Borgardt has training in Anti-Aging  Medicine with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Borgardt's San Luis Obispo office specializes in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Call to schedule your appointment 805-540-5544.