Medically supervised weight loss


The goal of medical weight loss is to make the brain happy with less calories  We use a combination of medications that decrease your appetite and make you feel full.  The reason our program gets results that far exceed those seen at other weight loss centers is that we  tailor the program to each individual patient.

Once you achieve your weight goal, we taper the medications to the lowest effective dose.  Some patients are able to control their weight without  medications, however there is a quarterly follow up program for those who continue to need some medical assistance.

Our clinicians are high trained and experienced in weight loss and related  issues. Compassionate and caring staff members are what you will find when you visit our San Francisco Bay area office.

The weight loss program benefits include:

  • Customized plan designed to suit your health profile.
  • Healthy and rapid weight loss.
  • Losing weight without feeling hungry.
  • Simple and easy to follow program!
  • Weight lose without heavy exercise!
  • Close monitoring and guidance by Board Certified MD to ensure success.

PBMD Weight Loss is more effective than any other weight loss program available today.

Philip Borgardt, MD, F.A.C.P.
Philip Borgardt, MD, F.A.C.P.

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