Medically supervised weight loss

Success stories


In  the past, I have tried dieting, exercising, and diet pills, but I was never able to stick to anything for any length of time.  With the program at TNC Weight Loss it was easy for me to make healthy choices  and to start an exercising program.  In one year I've lost 106 pounds and I am at my goal weight.  I feel Great!

E.P. age 49 female

The program gives you that extra will power to push the food away.

F.S. age 32 female


This is the easiest program I have ever been on. I tried other  programs and none were as easy as this.  I lost 69 pounds on this  program."

S.C. Age 59


"I  had a slow and steady decrease in weight by watching my diet and  increasing my exercise.  I have had a significant reduction in  prescription medications.  I was on 4 diabetic pills and now I am down  to 1 and my blood pressure is good.  If you listen to the doctor and  follow the program, your weight loss will go well.  My only complaint is  that it did not improve my IQ."

T.W. Male age 65     Lost 162 lbs in 2 years.


"I lost 62 pounds in 6 months!  Following the program was easy to  do.  After adjusting to not eating carbohydrates. losing weight was  simple.  I am referring all my friends!"

M.C. age 60

This program saved my life! I lost 70 pounds in 6 months.  I know it  was a lot to lose in a short time but I feel fine.  This program is so  amazing!!!"

A.M. Female age 31


"I cannot believe it! I lost 30 pounds in 4 weeks!  I am as happy as a  clam. This doctor is a miracle worker.  I tried all the other diets out  there including liquid diets and this is the only thing that works and I  am not even hungry!"

Male. Age 68

"I lost 15 pounds in the first month.    
I feel great and am very excited!"  

K.H. female age 40


"It's great having a doctor who listens to me!"

A.A. age 31

"My friends turned me onto the program after trying every other diet  out there.  This treatment really works.  Every time I have an office  visit, I've lost more weight!  I never feel jittery and have no side  effects.  I think you are fabulous and the staff is great."

L.B. age 54

The program gave me the jump start I needed to lose weight.

M.G. age 55 female

"I lost 23 pounds in 2 months.  My daughter and I are doing the  program together and we are doing great.  I feel good and have lots of  energy"

M.C, age 56


" I love the program! I highly recommend it to everyone. IT WORKS!"

J.C. age 64

"I lost 21 pounds in 1 month!   I am working out mostly every day, and drinking lots of water.  I feel SO GOOD!- so much better and more confident!  My friends don't know I am on the program but think I look great. I am so happy!

A.M., age 21


The  program REALLY works. 

C.K. age 44

" I love this program.  I referred a friend to the program too and she is so happy that she hugs me every time she sees me."

P.M.  age 54


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